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ideas that are integrative, revolutionary & that stimulate changes that evolve and release the limitations & suppressions which pervade society
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  • An industrial method for the transformation of chemical elements into other elements and their isotopes.\r\nA revolution in technology and economics that uses bio-chemical techniques.\r\nA long line of researchers worked on these discoveries, allowing present researchers to succeed in chemical...
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[ENG/ITA] intro: holistic balance in social systems. talk @ elgg camp, Italy

    ura soul

    ** also translated live in italian ** my presentation at the elgg camp in pesaro, italy (2016). elgg is a software framework (elgg.org) used to build web applications with a social focus, such as www.ureka.org. in this presentation i shared a brief introduction to some principles of holistic balance and how they apply to life and more specifically to software and systems engineering. this topic can easily stretch to cover an entire week or longer, so i simply focussed on some of the main points and an overview for those who may not presently be thinking in a similarly holistic way to consider the ideas involved. thanks to michele and the team at www.socialbusinessworld.org for kindly hosting this year's event and for being so hospitable and kind to everyone participating. other presentations from the event are available, unedited, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDLB #elggsbw16