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earth heart

revealing the hidden, forgotten and denied story of earth.\r\nthe heart that became earth.. desiring balance and love that was lost.
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Forbidden Archeology: Lost Secret Of Ancient Civilization (atlantis)

    ura soul

    Forbidden Archeology: Lost Secret Of Ancient Civilization: Best Documentary Great shock documentary about : ancient civilization , forbidden arcaeology secret ,Atlantis to the Sphinx , old secret .. Or was born civilization ? Forbidden Archeology: Lost Secret Of Ancient Civilization: Best Documentary Regular new facts are upsetting whole acquisent knowledge. In the hill Wilsone book entitled Forbidden Archaeology Egyptian civilization - are cited some examples: the Sphinx in particular - had a few thousand years longer than historians had thought and that the ancient Egyptians possessed "a broad comprehensive knowledge system and interrelated. and the strong erosion of the body of Great Sphinx of Giza is due to the action of water, not the sand and wind. If the simple fact that water erosion of the Sphinx could be confirmed, this would be enough to upset the entire timeline. Forbidden Archeology: Lost Secret Of Ancient Civilization: Best Documentary commonly accepted history of civilization; this would force us to completely overhaul the assumption of "progress" assumption which underpins all modern education. ... Documentary shock, bizarre Documentary, Documentary strange, unusual Documentary