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Reality and Out of Body experiences

    ura soul

    More about what really happen after death –– Widespread ignorance about our afterlife conditions causes suffering –– Characteristics of the intermediate dimensions –– Self-actualization and characteristic of the higher dimensions –– The higher dimensions are experienced with an expanded state of consciousness and increased power –– Societies on higher dimensions function differently because of changed dynamics and projected psychological attitudes ––

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      • harmony

        ura soul - please could you let me know the name of this speaker? i cant seem to find a name or link.. 

        • ura soul
          ura soul

          harmony - sure, his name is jurgen ziewe

          admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!
          • harmony

            ura soul - yes it is, thank you! i found a link at the end of the video which i found his name in. i got a little ahead of myself there.. hehe