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How to Download and Build Your Own House

    ura soul

    You wouldn't download a house, would you? Of course you would! And now with the Open Building Institute, you can! Join us today as we talk to Marcin Jakubowski of Open Source Ecology and Catarina Mota of the Open Building Institute about how they are bringing their vision of an affordable, open source, modular, ecological building toolkit to life. We discuss the free, open source library of modules that form the basis of the building's design, how the institute will train others to start designing and building their own homes, and how you can find out more information and help the collaborative effort.

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      • harmony

        This is an interesting idea! after watching this it reminded me of another helpful self build idea on a site that i have looked at recently which also has lots of useful information including courses/workshops/talks to help you along the way to your own self build.