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all our bodies have needs.. often we overlook them or never even know the need exists. some foods giveth and some taketh away.\r\nhere we serve awareness of what helps and what does not. we are all unique and what is right for one may not be right for another; yet some choices are commonly healthy.
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Why Drinking Milk Is Rocket Fuel For Cancer

    ura soul

    http://www.epigeneticsandnutrition.com/nutrition/drinking-milk/Thanks for stopping by my channel! Feel free to leave a comment and if you liked my video, click on the "like" button above.Here is a link to a great article on why drinking milk is rocket fuel for caner;http://health101.org/art_milk_cancer_fuel.htmTwo Fox reporters were fired by revealing true health dangers by consuming milk, watch here;http://youtu.be/OCgL6JE0_xsAnd here is a video by Dr. John McDougall and the various viruses found in milk;http://youtu.be/WfQ8ks3Hp9wHere is a link to Dr. Mark Hyman talking more about the Dairy Industry and politics keeping the real science from becoming sound guidelines;http://drhyman.com/blog/2013/07/05/got-proof-lack-of-evidence-for-milks-benefits/?fb_action_ids=10151567567833953&fb_action_types=og.likes#closeHere is a link to learn how to make your own organic hemp milk;http://www.realfarmacy.com/how-to-make-your-own-organic-hemp-milk/Most of us in my age range, 46, grew up being taught and conditioned to believe that drinking milk was a healthy option and that it should be a staple in your daily life.Wow, our parents and all of us through our childhood and still today are brainwashed on the benefits of drinking milk. In my opinion, the dairy industry's commercials about how milk is supposed to do a body good is a crime and it couldn't be further from the truth!Let's get to the facts on why drinking milk is foundation to illness and disease including, sinusitis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and potentially cancer!Let's start with the obvious signs of what drinking milk does to the human body.First, with our children, drinking milk is a major contributor to ear aches. Milk protein builds the foundation for mucous which causes inflammation and hence an ear ache. Second, drinking milk daily can lead to chronic sinusitis and the continual need for antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. This is a nasty cycle that is created in the body and leads to the robbing of your good gut bacteria and "probiotics" which the antibiotics destroy. These probiotics can be repopulated in the gut but it takes time and guidance by a Naturopathic physician who knows what they are doing.Helpful tip - if and when you do take antibiotics, always take a quality probiotic along with it to reduce the damage being done in your gut.I'll give you my personal testimonial on the effects drinking milk had on my body. I'll share that with you in the video above and my blog post!Bottom line, ditch the milk and stock up on homemade Almond, Hemp, Coconut, Oat or Rice milk (it's technically not milk, just a term used so people relate) as an alternative. they taste much better and in fact "do a body good"!Here's a link to a website that will ship to your doorstep almond milk made from un-pasteurized almonds...http://www.almondmilkla.com/faqs/Also, we are consuming too much protein as a society, click on this link and see how much we really need;http://www.epigeneticsandnutrition.com/proteinoverloadhttp://youtu.be/a1dsWjNv3b0Cheers to your health!Russ Curran602-369-0545