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Animal Protein Compared to Cigarette Smoking (animal protein a proven cancer risk)

    ura soul

    Only about 1 in 10,000 people make it to be a 100 years old. What’s their secret? The IGF-1 story is so pivotal, that it’s one of the first video series I ever did on I’m so glad to finally get around to the long awaited update. If you want a blast from the past, you can see the original series starting with Engineering a Cure ( For more parallels between the tobacco industry and the food industry, see: • American Medical Association Complicity with Big Tobacco ( • The Healthy Food Movement: Strength in Unity ( • Evidence-Based Nutrition ( • Big Food Using the Tobacco Industry Playbook ( For more on healthy aging and longevity, see: • Increased Lifespan from Beans ( • Caloric Restriction vs. Animal Protein Restriction ( • The Okinawa Diet: Living to 100 ( • Methionine Restriction as a Life Extension Strategy ( • Do Flexitarians Live Longer? ( Note the so-called “low” protein intake is actually the recommended protein intake, associated with a major reduction in cancer and overall mortality in middle age, under age 65, but note it says not among older individuals. All covered in my next video, Increasing Protein Intake After Age 65 ( Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at and someone on the team will try to answer it. Want to get a list of links to all the scientific sources used in this video? Click on Sources Cited at You’ll also find a transcript and acknowledgements for the video, my blog and speaking tour schedule, and an easy way to search (by translated language even) through our videos spanning more than 2,000 health topics. If you’d rather watch these videos on YouTube, subscribe to my YouTube Channel here: Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution! -Michael Greger, MD FACLM • Subscribe: • Donate: • HOW NOT TO DIE: • Facebook: • Twitter: • Instagram: • Google+: • Podcast:

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