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Yaima - Pellucidity (FULL Album) + Bonus Track- "The Sacred"

    harmony video credit- Simon Haiduk- clip from "calling the others" Yaima's first album "Pellucidity" is a beauteous and bewitching collection of stories that seem to lead the listener on a journey through enticing soundscapes and floating melodies. Sustained by biological beats and engaging world rhythms, "Pellucidity" will soothe the savage and move the peaceful being in all of us.... Pellucidity means- to allow the maximum passage of light, to see clearly, as clear as fresh water in a mountain lake... Pellucidity has been released on the label Jumpsuit Records which was established by David Sugalski aka The Polish Ambassador. The label was created as a platform for like-minded artist to collaborate, cross-pollinate, promote, perform, tour and brainstorm. It is moving away from a standard label paradigm to more of a musical collective. The aim is to bring high vibrations to as many people as possible in order to inspire and create joy through music and creativity. We feel like it's a good formula.


     peaceful soothing heartfelt moving healing music <3


    'yaima' is an old word that means 'that which water runs through' :)


    bandcamp is a platform for artist promotion, that caters mainly to independent artists - it is an online music store that they can use to sell their music and merchandise direct to customers in digital and physical formats - to share the 'yaima' love, i have added a link for their album downloads which includes their newly released album 'OvO'.


    happy listening! <3


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