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  • In the early 1990s, Carlos Diaz shocked the UFO world with stunning, clear video of UFOs over the skies of Mexico. He later claimed to be a contactee.He has been discredited by many who say his videos are hoaxes. See what you think.www.ufocasebook.com
  • New Witness Testimony - Craft pulled from the OceanFor the first time ever you will hear the incredible account of a new Top Secret clearance military witness about the retrieval of an ET craft. This person was there in person to witness an amazing "retrieval" event. This witness comes forward for...
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UFO Congress Backroom Interview 4: Dick French Part 2

    ura soul

    Project Blue Book insider Dick French is an ex US Fighter pilot and highly trained and educated in many areas. Interception of UFO in Washington DC area, USAF Fired on UFO, and was just disappeared. Reason for No Reporting of UFO, no active military officer will report UFOs, due to Human Reliability factor.Recall me tomorrow if needed. Under threat!International Tension. Haladon SuperCollider, new knowledge will increase to Star Trek level Damn Soon.Flew as a fighter pilot for over 20 years.Las Vegas Dr Moody Scientific lecture series in Psi Experiments.Dick mentions the LHCAvailable from undergroundvideo uk in DVD formatCOPYIGHTS RETAINED OWNER MILES JOHNSTON UNDERGROUND VIDEO(uk)