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slavery is the overpowering of an aspect of self by unloving consciousness. common targets of overpowering that unlovingness chooses to dominate include 'the free will of beings', 'the free evolution of the mind' & 'the needs and desires of the body'. all recognised forms of slavery include these types of domination in one way or another.
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Massive Human Trafficking, Pedophile Ring Busted in California: Operation Reclaim and Rebuild

    ura soul

    The DA's Office announced the arrests and rescues resulting from a large-scale, multi-agency operation across Southern California to stop the sexual exploitation of young women and girls. Operation Reclaim and Rebuild was conducted over a two-day period. Learn more about the DA’s Office on Make sure to follow us on social media as well: Twitter: @SDDistAtty: Instagram: @SDDistAtty: Facebook: LinkedIn:

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