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How To Open Your 7 Chakras As Explained In a cartoon

note: you cannot clear emotions by just thinking - they need to be felt into deeply, heard, accepted and allowed to move and evolve. additionally, releasing attachments to those that are loved does not mean you do not love them, it means that you love them enough not to control them and you love you enough not to be controlled by your attachments.

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    • harmony

      yes! awesome clip - we used to watch the series often here, it is not just for children ;) but i have to say that the anime 'Naruto' is our favorite, all the seasons have many lessons on the chakras. 


      i have been in the practice of releasing attachments for a long time now, as i have always found attachments to be uncomfortable - although i feel and hear my own emotional attachments and deal with them from the heart, there is also a technique that i use every evening while resting to cut all cords and attachments that have been created throughout the day by others, as often i feel their weight of energy, especially now, going through these times with the changes going through humanity. as we go through the shift here, i have also noticed, spirits that most don't see with the eye are in fear of the shift too, as they feel the vibrational changes and are attaching to our energy fields more than usual, more the reason to cut all attachments every day.