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Bases In America Melinda Leslie Part One

    ura soul
    added by ura soul

    Multiple Abductee and MILAB witness Melinda Leslie gives her eyewitness account of the mass Military abduction, done by the US military, led by James Casbolt, with Max Spiers, at the second Super Soldier Summit, at the Fiesta Casino in early 2013. Much of the conference witnesses was covered by myself in Bases 25, and 26. But finally we have a detailked account of what happend to many of those who attended this summit, with this statemnet by Melinda. Miesha Johnston gave part of her experience of this mass Milab in Part 1, here Melinda gives the main details, in her first section. During this recording we took a break, and Kerry Cassidy dropped by, so Melinda also gave a detailed interview to Project Camelot, where this was shot, at the International UFO Congress, in Feb 2017. At the time Kerry also interviewed James Casbolt and Max Spiers at the Summit in 2013, which turned out to be only a few hours before James Casbolt in US military uniform, carried out the mass abduction of almost 20 people, including myself (Miles Johnston) at the summit. This is very important as Max Spiers was under orders from James, showing that both Brits were under command from the US military at the time. Melinda gave her account of this event after she recalled it all in detail, at a Mind Control summit in 2015 (?) and we feature some of her written report in this interview. This is a vital witness statement of Military Abductions,.... coupled with Alien Abductions, at a major public event, held by Lorien Fention, who had to pay for the damage Casbolt caused to two rooms, as he busted down the doors to get Erin Hicks and Jay who refused his access! Melinda continues her statement in Part 3, and is joined by Miesha Johnston, who runs a Targeted Individual and Milab/Abductee support group to close out Part 3.