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  • Becca Tarnas is the author of Journey To The Imaginal Realm: A Reader's Guide To J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. As a PHD scholar of philosophy and religion, Becca guides us through the deep symbolic archive and wisdom of Tolkien's great works. In this episode we explore the source of human...
  • Acharya Shunya is a globally renowned Vedic scholar and teacher, and the author of the highly successful book, Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom. In this episode we discuss the non-dual wisdom of the Vedanta and Shunya's deep knowledge of ancient Sanskrit texts. We also explore powerful and health oriented...
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2.14 - Activating Originality ft. Brian Pollet (Pixel-Pusha | Digital Artist)



    Brian is a friend I made last year at the Untz festival in California. He's been on the show once before, back in episode 1.16. Although we are roughly the same age, I really admire Brian's art and psychedelic courage and look up to him as an aspiring artist myself. He has been to psycho-nautical depths that would make most men shake in fear. Or at least it seems that way, by looking at his art, which ranges from the whimsical, colorful, Neo-Mucha divine feminine to things that remind me of Alien meets C'thulu.

    Here are some of his recent works.


    Digital Mysticism if you ask me...


    The image below was the final piece in a recent series, where each day Brian remixed the same project, while under the influence of varying electronic music genres (and possibly substances).


    We are barely scratching the surface of Pixel-Pusha's diversity with the few images in this post.


    Visit his website at www.psybry.net and buy his things if you like them...

    Here's a preview from the episode where Brian was answering questions from fans


    For the full video of this interview, subscribe on Patreon You'll get a feed of my artwork, shout outs on the show, and lots more. I really appreciate and love all of you who have already pledged!

    Some of our topics of conversation included:

    -Pixel-Pusha's 2016 Binge (20 days of different substances, remixing the same image concept).

    -Ancient Egypt and Greece -Brian's backstory as an artist

    -Fan questions -Android Jones and Alphonse Mucha

    -Stealing as a creative process

    -Political Stuff -"How do I do drugs?" (fan question, I don't need instructions)

    -How to find inspiration

    -Keeping up creative momentum


    -Brian is becoming a father

    Thank you to the Musical Artists featured in this episode:

    if you like them, follow them!

    Wolf-Tech: "Mystix"

    Kalpataru Tree: "Scrape the Imagination"

    Betafuture: "The Portal"

    ILLIRIA DnB: "Wormholes"