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Epiphanies of Heart ft. Ura Soul | - Heart-Centered Social Media|

    ura soul

    Alternative forms of social media are more important now than ever before. Ura Soul, a friend I encountered on, has programmed a free-speech and non-violent, constructive communication oriented website: We speak on the importance of solutions like this, heart-based living, and many other free-thought reflections. Don't forget you can support InnerVerse on Patreon AND get rewards! Help me get a new computer so I can keep making this show better. Thank you to the many friends who are already pledging! Episode Links: animal communicator: tips for balance at ureka: about ureka: katalists at ureka: Ura Soul at ureka: Chance on Ureka: Ureka Giveaway Contest! From now until June 2017, if you create a profile on Ureka and make a post with the tag "InnerVerse" you will be entered to win a package of original art and InnerVerse loot. See you on Ureka! Contest Entry Link: Music in this episode features Desert Dwellers: View From Laniakea (Whitebear's Vantage Point) - Crossing Beyond (Soohan Remix) - Saraswati's Twerkaba - InnerVerse is part of the Lords of Consciousness Media

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