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Epiphanies of Heart ft. Ura Soul |Ureka.org - Heart-Centered Social Media|



    We speak on the importance of heart-based living, and many other free-thought topics are emergent in this conversation...

    Surprise! This episode has a video version! InJoy :)

     Audio Only:


    • www.Ureka.org - the website that Ura Soul has put together
    • Animal telepathy/communication -> |Animal Communicator Documentary|
    • Understanding who "they" are and how it applies to "us"
    • Channeling high dimensional information
    • Balancing the mind/body/spirit and aligning our actions with our hearts
    • We talk about alternative soclal media platforms like Minds and www.steemit.com
    • And plenty of other metaphysical musings!

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    Episode Links:tips for balance at ureka: www.ureka.org/balanceabout ureka: www.ureka.org/aboutkatalists at urekaUra Soul at ureka Chance on Ureka


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    Music in this episode features Desert Dwellers:


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