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  • Soul soother & mind mender Brianna Columbini joins us to talk about her work as a life coach, psychedelic assisted trauma recovery, and the convergence between astrology and numerology. We also touch on how to create space for healing in your life, and the perspectives that can push you to your...
  • The friend to the fairies and painter of pixies, Izzy Ivy, joins us to talk about visionary art, oracle decks, opening to the spirit world, and much more. Izzy creates transcendental oil paintings depicting mystical beings and cosmic harmony. She also creates original clothing with a psychedelic...
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Standing Up for Life (and Water) ft. Jamie Seed (Music Festival Photographer)



    Jamie came on the show back in December 2016, during the height of the resistance to the North Dakota Access Pipeline. We discussed his adventures in going there to document the historic coming together of tribes. Jamie is a phenomenal photographer, as you no doubt can see from this post. He specializes in music festival and event photography although he's got a range of abilities and I would love to see him step into a role of photojournalism, because he's a really wise person with a swell voice, good things to say, a fun accent, and he's a great writer.

    This is Jamie. He's really swell.


    And he's seen some crazy shit.


    Watch the episode below and you'll see Jamie's photography in the beginning of the episode, and you can explore his work online:

    Check Out Jamie's Photograhy on Instagram


    or just go to www.jamieseed.com


    • The American Music Festival scene
    • Jamie works with Deadhead Productions. The best fests in Arkansas.
    • Jamie's trip to Standing Rock, ND
    • Who decides Truth? The problem with mainstream media and internet thought bubbles.
    • Follow Jamie on Snapchat: jamieseed
    • How he got the name Jamie Seed
    • We talk about a lot more! Watch the episode and find out :)

    Thanks for checking out InnerVerse, remember you can support this podcast at: