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      • ura soul

        FLUORIDE KILLS ! - Footage of fluoride damaging cells and stopping reproduction
        Please share! Very rare video footage of cells being damaged by sodium fluoride. The fluoride added to drinking water is industrial waste fluoride and most is imported from China. Thankyou to user ArkDiscoverydotCOM-
        • ura soul

          I think Ireland has been heavily targeted for social engineering - hence the large 'interest' from the EU there, so it will require a particularly strong trigger to awaken people. Miles Johnston from 'The Bases Project' and Kerry Cassidey (And others) recently held the 'Ireland Awakens' Conference in Dublin, so there are still people getting involved, yes.

          • kellytmusically

            Thank you for sharing. We have some great warriors like Aisling fitzgibbon in ireland trying to wake folks up to this horrible chemical attack on Eire, but we just can't seem to wake folks up over here, they still love their fluoride it seems, still glad we tried
            • ura soul

              Major New 12 Year Study (US GOV Sponsored) Shows Pregnant Mothers' Fluoride Exposure Is Linked Directly To Lowered Intelligence (IQ) in Their Children.

              The Fluoride Action Network today reported on a newly published scientific study that was sponsored by the US National Institute of Health, which looked at the effects of fluoride exposure on unborn children and monitored them during their formative years to assess any effects that the fluoride may have had on their measurable IQ levels.

              The results mirrored the results of several other such studies out of China and England, which show that consistently, children who encounter exposure to fluoride - from whichever source, whether it be toothpaste, fluoridated water or elsewhere - statistically embody a lower IQ level than those children who do not.

              This will not come as a surprise to those among us who have already done our due diligence research into the subject, since there is already a large body of work which exposes the neurotoxicity of fluoride and the damage it does to cellular biology. However, there remains a small army of ignorant and often arrogant 'professionals' who have never taken the time to fully assess the situation and who repeat ad nauseum that 'fluoride is safe and effective'. Having already debated with numerous such people and also witnessed many others who once were in that group actually backtrack and change their position once they had looked at ALL the data - I am already aware that those who support fluoridation are either lacking in understanding, in integrity or both.

              Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6–12 Years of Age in Mexico

              The summary of the study is here:

              Some evidence suggests that fluoride may be neurotoxic to children. Few of the epidemiologic studies have been longitudinal, had individual measures of fluoride exposure, addressed the impact of prenatal exposures or involved more than 100 participants.

              Our aim was to estimate the association of prenatal exposure to fluoride with offspring neurocognitive development.

              We studied participants from the Early Life Exposures in Mexico to Environmental Toxicants (ELEMENT) project. An ion-selective electrode technique was used to measure fluoride in archived urine samples taken from mothers during pregnancy and from their children when 6–12 y old, adjusted for urinary creatinine and specific gravity, respectively. Child intelligence was measured by the General Cognitive Index (GCI) of the McCarthy Scales of Children’s Abilities at age 4 and full scale intelligence quotient (IQ) from the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI) at age 6–12.

              We had complete data on 299 mother–child pairs, of whom 287 and 211 had data for the GCI and IQ analyses, respectively. Mean (SD) values for urinary fluoride in all of the mothers (n=299) and children with available urine samples (n=211) were 0.90 (0.35) mg/L and 0.82 (0.38) mg/L, respectively. In multivariate models we found that an increase in maternal urine fluoride of 0.5mg/L (approximately the IQR) predicted 3.15 (95% CI: −5.42, −0.87) and 2.50 (95% CI −4.12, −0.59) lower offspring GCI and IQ scores, respectively.

              In this study, higher prenatal fluoride exposure, in the general range of exposures reported for other general population samples of pregnant women and nonpregnant adults, was associated with lower scores on tests of cognitive function in the offspring at age 4 and 6–12 y.

              Comment from Professor Paul Connett

              Here, Professor Connett makes absolutely clear that water fluoridation is a threat to our wellbeing and our future - it must end now.


              Wishing you well,
              Ura Soul

                • kellytmusically

                  Thank you for sharing. We have some great warriors like Aisling fitzgibbon in ireland trying to wake folks up to this horrible chemical attack on Eire, but we just can't seem to wake folks up over here, they still love their fluoride it seems, still glad we tried

                  • ura soul
                    ura soul

                    I think Ireland has been heavily targeted for social engineering - hence the large 'interest' from the EU there, so it will require a particularly strong trigger to awaken people. Miles Johnston from 'The Bases Project' and Kerry Cassidey (And others) recently held the 'Ireland Awakens' Conference in Dublin, so there are still people getting involved, yes.

                    admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!
                  • ura soul

                    Microcystic Adnexal Carcinoma gone! - Black Salve heals man's skin cancer.
                    In Dec 2013, I was diagnosed with a Microcystic Adnexal Carcinoma on my right Cheek (est 30mm x 40mm). I chose not to go with conventional surgery (MOH's, grafts, flaps), and treated the area myself with an old natural remedy known as Black Salve. Here is my story. (Pls give it a thumbs up to improve search success. Tx) DISCLAIMER: All content of this Video is copyright to John Scott Artist. All artwork in backgrounds is copyright to Scott Artist. No use of the video footage, artwork, stills in or from this video are to be used without written permission.
                    • ura soul

                      How Addictions And Sleep Problems Feed Into Each Other and How To Find Balance Again. (Quit Smoking/Drugs/Alcohol More Easily)

                      In a queue at a supermarket recently I noticed a man ahead of me with a huge belly and reddish skin who had bought about 9 bottles of red wine and some ice cream. My dad joked with him that we would join his party and he replied "You'll have to be quick, I drink these to sleep at night!". I felt sad that he, like me in the past, was damaging himself due to misunderstandings about the body's needs regarding sleep and nutrition - so here's some of what I've learned the hard way about sleep, habits, addictions and health.

                      Sleep is a time for recovery and regeneration

                      While we are resting, our body redirects it's energies towards regenerating itself and repairing damage caused during the day. Our body can be compared to a computer in some senses and just like how your computer runs many processes that each take up a percentage of it's resources, so too does our body. When we stop eating (fasting) our body can switch from the intensive digestion that's needed to process the food we eat to the alternative process of intensive healing - which is a big part of why fasting is great for health. While we are sleeping, we are also fasting - so it follows that sleep is great for health too.

                      The more repair work our body is able to complete and that it needs to complete, the more we will benefit from sleep and ideally the more tired we will be in order to trigger us to rest and thus heal.

                      The nature of addiction

                      I often see news stories stating that 'researchers shine new light on addiction' and other such ideas, but the reality is that while there are deep levels of chemistry that can be researched and understood - the basic mechanics of addiction have been clear to me and many others for a long time. In essence, we are addicted to behaviours that we think will 'fix' our feelings that we don't like to feel. For example, we might start smoking cigarettes because we tried one and felt the 'lift in mood' that they can cause temporarily. After the effects wore off we might have mentally compared (consciously or sub-consciously) the difference in feeling/mood we experienced during the 'high' of the cigarette to the feelings we now feel - which will typically include a discomfort that wasn't present before we smoked the cigarette, since the smoke from the cigarette has done our body some harm. We COULD decide to recognise in full consciousness that we now feel uncomfortable and that possibly the cigarette was the cause, or we could just 'give in' and smoke another cigarette instead. Typically, younger people are not conscious enough of the need to pay attention here and so just smoke another cigarette.

                      Rapidly, this pattern is expanded to include ATTACHMENT to the cigarettes as a means of avoiding the real feelings that are being felt, which may include anger and under that some survival fear as well - after all, smoke inhalation is a serious business for the body which can die fast with enough smoke. If this pattern continues for just a few repetitions, it can be enough to shift the process of 'fixing the feelings I don't like by smoking a cigarette' into a sub-conscious and partially denied process that just runs on autopilot. To the disconnected mind, the smoking has 'solved the problem' of real feelings, but in reality this is delusional since all that has occurred is that the mind has found a way to block out the reality of the situation but at the expense of overall health.

                      This basic pattern of avoidance and highs/lows can be found in all addictions as far as I am aware, yet still it is something that most have not fully comprehended due to the MASSIVE level of emotional denial at all levels of society, including those who are the alleged 'voices of authority' on health and addiction. Let's not forget that it was only 2/3 generations ago that Medical Doctors were on TV telling everyone how smoking cigarettes was great for their health!

                      The relationship of sleep to addictions

                      The more we deny our real feelings and cause damage to our body, the more we will need to rest in order to repair the damage and also give our real emotions some space to express while we are 'asleep'. Emotions that express while we are sleeping can be seen as unconscious movement of the body and the making of groaning and other sounds.

                      The problems here really start to get worse because many drugs that people are addicted to will artificially stimulate our brain chemistry to keep us awake long after we would otherwise have gone to sleep. Cigarettes, Coffee, Amphetamines, Cocaine and other compounds will often force us to stay awake - even to the point of total exhaustion - so this is a double whammy for our health in that we are possibly harming our body with the chemicals and then further harming us by preventing our body from healing. Note: Blue light from computer screens and TVs can also keep us artificially awake - so you can look into installing an app light f.lux onto your computer to prevent that problem.

                      As our sleep deficit increases, we feel ever less balanced and less comfortable, so our motivation to continue our addictions grows ever further - meaning that we are now locked in to a self destructive cycle that will continue indefinitely until we reach a health crisis, die or change our ways through our own enlightenment.

                      Shining your own new light

                      It is not enough to simply read that 'a researcher' his 'shined new light' into addictions and sleep issues - we need to understand the situation ourselves internally by increasing our own awareness of who we are and how we operate as a physical being. The most important step, in my experience, is to start noticing more about our experience and asking questions about our own behaviour patterns and the health effects we are experiencing in relation to them. It is only through increased awareness that we can gain access to the information that we have been mentally denying and which we need in order to make better decisions.

                      Why do I feel that I need to smoke a cigarette or drink a beer quickly after I wake up?
                      What will occur if I stop my habit?
                      Is there a way I can change how I feel without continuing the expensive and destructive habits?

                      Our minds are electromagnetic and I feel strongly that addictions set up a kind of magnetic attraction to particular thought patterns and behaviours being focused on internally within our own electric mind. So, it follows that initially we need to be aware of this and learn to think more slowly so that we can add in more questioning about our own thought process as we think. This is a very important part of becoming more conscious and also healing/balancing. As we learn more about WHY we think and feel as we do - through an increase in our own receptivity to our feelings/needs - we also increase our own internal light of self and thus experience real enlightenment.

                      Practical solutions for addictions and sleep disturbance

                      Thankfully, we now have both the internet and a large global community of 'health nuts' who have put many years of their lives into exploring ways to feel better and get healthier that are tried and tested - so you can be thankful that the task of coming into balance will be much simpler for you than it was for previous pioneers. It is now relatively easy to research nutrition and other health factors - plus, significantly, to actually see the body, eyes, energy and experience of many of the people who adopt and promote particular approaches to health via the medium of video.... So now we can assess quite simple whose techniques really do get great results and which probably don't - at least to an extent which can help us to make informed decisions quickly which can then be adapted for our own specific needs.

                      I have learned a lot this way and I have lost count of the number of sources I have learned from along the way. Here are some tips that I find work for me:

                      1. Addictions take their 'power' from our own dysfunctional emotional states. Increase emotional health to resolve this. I post on this regularly.
                      2. Physical exercise stimulates the body through oxygenation and helps us feel stronger and better all round. Exercise also tires us out more which means we will sleep more easily and more deeply. Along with emotional heath, getting the body moving is an absolute requirement here. Yoga is a great way to improve fitness and overall balance.
                      3. Remove fixed and controlled patterns from your life. Addictions are inherently rigid and so if we live life by the clock we are feeding that rigidity and also limiting our free will expression and choices in life. When I studied Ninjutsu as a teenager, I learned that the historic ninja warriors would not have any kind of fixed sleep cycle so that they could be awake in any moment at any time, when needed. I have taken this to heart to some extent and the benefits are clear to me, now that I have made space in my life to ensure that I am not making agreements with 'employers' that I will always be at 'work' at a fixed time. You are a powerful creator but you can prevent your power from manifesting by making compromises such as agreeing to work a time schedule that doesn't work with your real needs.
                      4. Make sure nutritional needs are being met. If you haven't put considerable focus into learning about the benefits of organic food and what your body really needs, then this is a must and it will make a huge difference to you once you understand how much better you feel when you get what you really NEED instead of what you beLIEve you want.
                      5. Sleep in a totally dark room/space. Our brain chemistry is configured to wake us when light enters our local environment and to promote sleep when there is darkness - so it follows that installing 'blackout curtains' will help some people in some situations.
                      6. Connect to the Earth's Elements and Sunlight: Our bodies need connection to the planet and to receive a sufficient amount of sunlight. These are really also nutrients in their own right, but since we typically don't think of them in that way - it is worth making the point here more precisely that these are essentials too.
                      7. MEDITATION. A busy mind is not a restful mind and so it is valuable to learn how to create a mental stability and peace that promotes rest. Meditation is the traditional and highly effective way to do this and yoga goes hand in hand with it.

                      Choices Made From Love

                      What connects all of this together is that we are learning to identify decisions which are lacking in self love and changing them to be more supportive of the self respect/nurture/care/love that we need if we are to be healthy. This is a not a 'lame/weak' concept - doing what we love to do and embodying love is the only possible way for us to feel really good and is thus a fundamental requirement of survival itself. If we go through life feeling bad, we will not want to continue - whereas if we feel really good, we will surely want to continue and thus will do whatever we need to survive, rather than give up and die like the majority continue to do, sadly, every day.

                      Wishing you well,
                      Ura Soul

                      • ura soul

                        Islam Is Not the Answer To Falling Fertility Levels! Start By Looking At Your Cell Phone Technology That Damages Sperm (Plus Cause Cancer and DNA Damage).

                        A Muslim head of food certification in Australia has said "Australian women need [Muslim men] to fertilize them" due to a study being published that shows major drops in sperm viability in Western Countries. Unsurprisingly, he was met with condemnation - but the deeper issue here is that while many are scratching their heads looking for the answer - it has at least partially been fully understood (And denied) for YEARS!

                        Microwave Radiation from Cellphone and WIFI Systems is PROVEN to Damage Fertility

                        I recently posted on the subject of the risks of microwave technology and how they are being systematically covered up and denied by corrupt government agencies for a variety of reasons.I also recently posted an important whistleblower testimony from an alleged UK Secret Service Microwave weapons specialist who revealed that the extent of the threat to human health posted by the technology is FAR worse than most have realised and that even worse, the governments have been covertly experimenting on their own populations for decades - causing serious illness and most likely death along the way. It is clear then that we are going to have to go beyond the mainstream, corrupted voices in society if we are going to get to the truth behind the health effects of Microwave technology - however, we do not need to go very far, since there are numerous qualified professional groups shouting loudly about the situation.

                        As Doctor Mercola wrote in his piece on this subject in 2013 there have been numerous published scientific studies that demonstrate that our microwave technology lowers fertility:

                        At this point there should be little doubt as to at least a significant part of the reason for fertility being negatively affected in so called 'advanced' societies. Frankly, I am certain that the most 'advanced' societies are those who live in jungles without access to 'technology'.

                        • ura soul
                          ura soul shared the video 'Healing Cancer From Inside Out'

                          Healing Cancer From Inside Out
                          Healing Cancer From Inside Out Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more videos!
                          • ura soul

                            Functional brain MRI in patients complaining of electrohypersensitivity after long term exposure to electromagnetic fields.  - PubMed - NCBI
                            Rev Environ Health. 2017 Jul 5. pii: /j/reveh.ahead-of-print/reveh-2017-0014/reveh-2017-0014.xml. doi: 10.1515/reveh-2017-0014. [Epub ahead of print]
                            • SoulFish

                              Indeed. There have been doctors that have spoken out about it since the inception of chemotherapy and they have been ridiculed. This isn't "new" news, just suppressed news. It is sad the lies that revolve around cancer.

                              • ura soul

                                Neoadjuvant chemotherapy induces breast cancer metastasis through a TMEM-mediated mechanism | Science Translational Medicine
                                  • SoulFish

                                    Indeed. There have been doctors that have spoken out about it since the inception of chemotherapy and they have been ridiculed. This isn't "new" news, just suppressed news. It is sad the lies that revolve around cancer.

                                  • ura soul

                                    ♡ Heart Healing Series ♡: #3 – The Practicalities of creating full spectrum joy & health by living in the heart.

                                    In this 3rd part of this series on Heart Healing – I am going to focus on practical understandings of how to balance our energy with relation to other people and events that might otherwise pull us out of balance. My previous posts in this series provided a practical, guided introduction to the concept of heart balance and also an overview of the bigger picture that is involved when we work with our sacred heart, in the context of the rest of the Earth and indeed the entire cosmos.

                                    Everything you need can only come to you as a result of your own balance and that balance can only arise in your heart before it is experienced as a reflection in your physical reality. If you are not balanced then you are not able to perceive the steps that you need to take to experience a balanced reality – you can have no awareness of what balance is in any given situation and thus are limited in your ability to continue to experience balance in outer reality. Therefore, it is essential that we learn to make our own heart’s balance a higher priority than any event in the ‘outer’ world around us.

                                    The provable and logical result is that when someone is attacking us in life or even when we find someone we think we are ‘in love’ with, our own heart’s well-being and state is still more significant for us than these others and their actions are. This does not mean that we should deny the existence of the others and their actions, it simply means that we understand that our true power source is within us and that our destiny path is always being set as a result of our own state of being (for which our own heart is the primary balancing center) – so we therefore know to cause change inside us before trying to change reality ‘out there’.

                                    There is no battle, only vibration

                                    Instead of struggling to battle other people who are unbalanced, it is key that instead we retrain our internal processes to focus instead on our breathing and heart patterns, being certain to feel unconditionally, every feeling/emotions within us and as we do so we are able to increase our own wellbeing in an empowering way, which in turn effects everything around us in subtle ways and will make life easier for us. When we are consciously present within our own heart, we are standing energetically in a light of deeper understanding of who we are and of what is the right action to take for us. Without the heart’s feeling presence and intelligent input into our thoughts, we are left only with the more masculine and logical (often cold) calculation, assumption, judgment and probability – *which is inherently error prone and lacks the depth that is required for us to thrive in life on Earth.*

                                    Our past has been mostly heartless and that must change now

                                    It is true that most of human history has been created by beings who were not aware of their heart’s voice and the internal compass that they could have used but did not. This is why we experience the fragmented and imbalanced planet that we do today – with ritual dolphin and whale slaying, child rape gangs operating in major governments/religions, corporate exploitation of the environment and almost no end of other totally loveless activities that exploit and overpower the innocent. This though must not be taken as a sign that the needed change is impossible. When we ourselves are lost and disconnected from the heart’s truth, we may have no clue as to how to solve these problems – but that is because we too are operating in a somewhat similar way internally to the perpetrators (although we would not like to think that of ourselves it is the truth in some ways). When we are not fully allowing our heart and true feelings to express we are being internally unloving to our own feelings and own being and this heartlessness is not really any better than the abuse towards the animals and children I just described. It is only the non-physical nature which obscures this fact from our physically dominated minds that have been trained to rule out the more subtle non-physical realities that are actually just as present and relevant as anything we can touch with our physical hands.

                                    Lived examples

                                    As I was writing this post and thinking about a good example to demonstrate the attraction of the heart in life – I was actually presented with the perfect example from having recently been posting on the social network 'Steemit'. Over the last few days I had entered a couple of competitions on Steemit where I just needed to upvote/comment for a post and I would be entered into a random draw. As it turned out, I won both of them and in one case, the chances of me winning were hundreds to one.

                                    How is it possible for me to win twice on the same day, when the process is allegedly ‘random’?

                                    Well, there is no such thing as true random! Every computer that calculates a random number does so using processes that are NOT random. Everything in creation is ONE and so when we are aligned internally, we are able to tune into and leverage the infinite intelligence in creation and manifest our desires in physical reality in ways that are pleasing. We may not know the details in advance of how our desires will ‘come to life’, but we can know that they will. Most of the time I do not desire money since I value freedom more than money and ‘free/money’ are opposites – however, presently I need some dental work to be performed and have not found a way to do it without money, so my heart is set on receiving money. Since I have opened to holding that point of attraction to ‘money’ I have had a continual stream of opportunities to gain money which were not presenting in my reality previously. Further, I have lowered my resistance to the possibility of truly receiving the money by eliminating limiting thought-forms such as ‘life is hard’ and ‘I must work hard to receive money’. Life is truly not intended to be a struggle, but we can create it to be a struggle if we choose to – whether consciously or not.

                                    Challenges to staying in the heart.

                                    We are commonly conditioned heavily to deny our heart’s voice and and so choose to do so unconsciously and habitually over and over again. Even when you start to focus more into your heart, you may at first return back to a non-heart consciousness once you end the focus. This is because you are trained to think that non-heart consciousness is ‘normal’ and that you need to stop being that way in order to be ‘normal’. However, being out of our heart is certainly not healthy and thus not really ‘normal’ in any sane meaning we might be able to define for the word ‘normal’.

                                    Being aware that we have many traps within our mind that will cause us to once again deny our heart’s presence is crucial in defusing them within us and increasing our ability to be heart centered. Noticing each of our thoughts and beliefs that are leading as astray internally is a requirement for releasing them and evolving towards a new peace and deeper understanding of life and who we are.

                                    Often there will be fears underlying our beliefs and thoughts and these two need acceptance. If we gloss over and deny the fears then we cannot heal and transform in the best way. In truth, we will not really change much at all, since the fear will continue to effect our balance and will just manifest new forms of thinking that are also imbalanced and that keep us from our heart’s desires.

                                    Just like the princess in the famous fairy tale of the princess and the pea – no amount of buffering and layering will remove the source of our discomfort:


                                    Sound and vibration are the key!

                                    As stated previously in earlier parts in this series, to fully evolve the feelings, we need to accept the feelings and feel them thoroughly – allowing them to express safely as sounds through the body. As part of this process of inner exploration we are also learning their origins and allowing them to feel accepted and to then evolve into new feelings. There is no other way to progress here – so do not conveniently try to skip over this part of the process. Once you learn how to feel and move with the emotion’s own sound signature, you will feel a peace and balance that few attain and that cannot be attained any other way. Key too is that you do not try to force the process as that is not a balanced way to proceed – simply respecting your emotional self’s need to proceed in it’s own time and way is enough to point you towards success.

                                    As you evolve your feelings, you can also bring new light to your thought process and release stuck patterns and habits that have held you out of balance for so long – including addictions and associated internal self talk and other neuroses. There really is no better way to heal on all levels than through healing and evolving self in this way.

                                    Change is a constant

                                    You will find as you proceed with healing emotionally, that your needs become more apparent to you, as you are no longer blocking out so many important voices inside of you and you may feel a need to relocate. There is nothing wrong with this and, in fact, the majority of us are not in our ‘right place’ on Earth and we feel unhappy as a result. As you become more attuned to your real needs, you will feel attracted to new experiences and places – which means leaving some people and places behind and that is OK. You are here on Earth to learn, explore and enjoy life and part of that is moving around freely.

                                    Many of us have a fear of change itself and if we take the time to actually focus in on this and understand it we may find it is an incoherent fear that is based purely on errors of logic and un-evolved parts of us that we habitually ignore due to our fear and our denial of our fear. Addressing in a loving way, our own fear of change will go a long way towards helping us find the long lasting balance we need to survive and thrive on Earth!

                                    From my heart, I wish you well in your journeys! May we all know unconditional love and end suffering swiftly!