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      • ura soul

        Christ = Crystal! The Nature of Self - God, Chakras, Spirit & Enlightenment. Merry Mass Christ!
        It's that time of year again, where flashing lights means sales of plastic objects go through the roof.. Wait? what? I have come across some insights about the nature of Christ and as far as I am aware, our own true nature. In this video I am sharing some important info that connects many aspects of life and our own soul/spirit/self together in a harmonious and non religious way. Injoy!
        • ura soul

          Brain Tumors and Cannabis: Jeremy Kigar of Michigan 2013
          Jeremy is a Dietitian. He worked in a hospital for 12 years. That is, until he experienced a seizure while visiting a patient's room. He woke up in the Emergency Room of the hospital where he worked. Tests revealed that Jeremy had a grade 4 Astrocytoma in his Cerebellum; an advanced brain tumor. Jeremy underwent chemotherapy and radiation, but the tumor only began shrinking after he began ingesting Simpson Oil, high THC cannabis oil. We're CPN Institute. Help us, so we can do more...much more. Invest in cannabis education. Become a member. Join today.
          • ura soul

            Cannabis Oil Cures Lung & Brain Cancer: The Stan Rutner Story
            Stan and Barb Rutner are no strangers to cancer. The married couple, both in their 70s, have run into it before. Barb battled bouts with breast cancer—twice. And about 20 years ago, Stan, a retired dentist with a thriving mini storage business, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. "I just thought I had a cold, flu, type thing. That was it . . . I wasn't thinking cancer at all," Stan recalls. Fortunately, after treating the lymphoma for about six months, it—like Barb's successful battles with breast cancer—became a thing of the past. By 1989, it was a closed chapter. But in 2011, it came back. Like before, it struck Stan in the lungs first. Manifesting as a persistent cough, a doctor later revealed cancerous nodes in the lungs that were the real culprits. "Yeah, [my doctor] was really diplomatic. He says, 'You're in deep shit.' Or words to that effect," Stan recalls. "Yeah, he didn't sugar coat it at all," Barb adds. As if that wasn't enough, doctors later discovered that the cancer had metastasized to his brain. Like before, the Rutners were able to successfully battle—and beat—Stan's cancer. But this time, after going through chemotherapy and radiation, they wanted to find a natural medicine that would improve Stan's quality of life and maybe even prolong it. Medical cannabis did all that and more, surpassing anything they could have hoped for. CULTURE spoke with Stan, Barb, their daughter Corinne and her husband John about this intense and life changing experience with...
            • ura soul

              Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage -- The Physics of Emotions | EU2017
              Most people have heard of the “mind/body connection” and are aware that emotions affect the way people act. However, few can describe how that works. What is relatively new is our understanding that emotions are stored in and around the body as magnetic fields. Not only do these magnetic fields cause the biochemical effects noted above, but they also block the flow of voltage in the associated muscle battery packs that provide the voltage necessary for organs to function and repair themselves. He will discuss the human body’s battery packs, wiring system, and the physics of how our electronic systems are affected by these emotions. In addition, he will discuss how other magnetic fields and scalar energy can be used to erase these emotions, leaving behind only memories that do not disrupt our health and physiology. Dr. Jerry Tennant is board certified in ophthalmology and ophthalmic plastic surgery (residency, Harvard Medical School and Southwestern Medical School.) He was the director of ophthalmic plastic surgery clinic at Parkland Hospital in Dallas and practiced from 1965 to 1995. He did much of the FDA study for the VISX Excimer laser and performed approximately 1000 surgeries in the United States and Europe. In addition, Dr. Tennant was the founder/director of the Dallas Eye Institute and one of the first surgeons in the US to place intraocular lenses in eyes after cataract surgery and taught these techniques around the world. He holds patents for medical devices...
              • ura soul

                The Power of Addiction and The Addiction of Power: Gabor Maté at TEDxRio+20
                Canadian physician Gabor Maté is a specialist in terminal illnesses, chemical dependents, and HIV positive patients. Dr. Maté is a renowned author of books and columnist known for his knowledge about attention deficit disorder, stress, chronic illness and parental relations. His theme at TEDxRio+20 was addiction -- from drugs to power. From the lack of love to the desire to escape oneself, from susceptibility of the being to interior power -- nothing escapes. And he risks a generic and generous prescription: "Find your nature and be nice to yourself." In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
                • ura soul

                  Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: Mawson Homeschooled Study Reveals Who is Sicker
                  The Mawson study is a groundbreaking study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated American children that shows more chronic illness among vaccinated children.
                  • ura soul

                    The Irrefutable Argument Against Vaccine Safety - with Author Del Bigtree
                    The lecture will discuss the revelations of the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, who has provided 10,000 documents that back up his claim that the CDC knowingly committed scientific fraud to hide the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. It will show how Del’s journey across America with the film has made him aware of a severe health crisis being caused by vaccines. Del Bigtree will explain the danger of vaccine mandates like the new law in California Sb27. Connect with The Real Truth About Health Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO's. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.
                    • ura soul
                      ura soul shared the video 'AV3 - Trevor Gunn - Vaccination'

                      AV3 - Trevor Gunn - Vaccination
                      Vaccination: The Evidence and Alternative Ways of Looking at Health Trevor Gunn This is a presentation on the current and historical evidence surrounding the controversial issue of vaccination. By examining the detail as well as the overview, we shall reveal how vaccines affect the physical body, as well as their impact on our mental and emotional faculties. Trevor explores the wider context of disease and immunity, illustrating how current models of thinking have developed with regard to immunisation, immunity and infectious illness. This enables us to see that the scientific evidence does, in fact, point to a more holistic view of disease. This presentation provides insight into the alternative ways of looking at health and disease outside of fear and risk analysis, and a way out of the dilemmas faced by many in their vaccine decisions. Yet, far more significant than exposing severe side-effects or an ineffective intervention, is the impact of conventional medicine on our perception of illness, and ultimately our preconceptions as to what we are capable of as human beings. By investigating not only which ideas and approaches have dominated modern health care, but also why, we shall investigate the psychological, philosophical and commercial pressures that have helped to shape modern medicine and continue to shape us as human beings. Filmed at The Alternative View 3 Event in Bristol - November 2009
                      • ura soul

                        Every Avalanche Begins With a Single Snowflake - Ending Addictions, Building Personal Vibrance & Increasing ESTEEM!

                        We generally understand that if a warning light flashes up on our car dashboard then there is probably a real problem of some kind that needs to be fixed and simply removing the light bulb from the warning light is not going to achieve anything - plus might result in the car being damaged or us being killed. There is a direct comparison to be made between the warning lights in a car and the way that our feelings guide us towards taking action to improve our health and wellbeing...

                        Most have not yet fully learned the value of their internal, magnetic, emotional compass and, in truth, are fully engaged in removing their emotional warning light bulbs on a daily basis. This has become so epidemic that the regular result has been that death and ill health are now 'normalised' so that many people don't even accept that alternatives to such suffering are possible and yet they are.

                        Examples of our own emotional, feeling based warning lights are pain (physical/emotional/psychological), anxiety, depression and constant confusion. All of these are commonly blocked out by use of drugs, alcohol and other activities that can be involved with addictive patterns such as shopping, watching TV or even shouting at other people! The moment that we bypass the feeling and it's trigger in favor of repeating an ingrained habit pattern, we have missed our chance for freedom, happiness and a brighter future - we wouldn't do this with our car because the warning light is well understood and  we have a driver's manual (or at least other people to point out that the lights are important)... Yet with emotions, the collective awareness within humanity is sadly lacking and many of us never really even think about this side of who we are at all.

                        You might think that the drugs and alcohol give us a boost that is desirable and in some ways that might appear to be true - but here's another description that I think is true in many ways and simply by understanding it we might all be taking steps towards a collective AHA moment - Ureka!


                        Many of Us Were BORN With our Warning Lights Flashing!


                        Yes, most/many of us carry trauma with us from the moment we are born - whether from the birth process itself or from experiences in the womb or, in fact, from past life experiences too. Whether you accept past lives as being real for you or not, the reality of what I am describing hear can be felt none the less. What does it mean then when we use drugs/alcohol in a state where we have always been out of balance and don't really know what real balance even is?

                        It is well known that the 'boost' that drugs/alcohol can give us usually comes with a price attached - which might be feeling lethargic in the following days or other forms of illness. It is my experience that if the body and mind are healthy, balanced and strong then there may be little to no obvious 'price' to pay, but at the same time the 'high' will also be less significant because to some extent we were already 'high on life' to begin with. In fact, in some cases the drugs will bring us down since their 'price' outweighs their 'high'/'boost' effect for fully balanced and healthy people. The endorphin rush that some drugs trigger can also be triggered just through exercise and deep breathing (movement) - yet how many people think about that when visiting a bar to drink alcohol? Not so many in my experience.


                        Disconnecting The Lights Without Even Noticing


                        Given that we already have warning lights flashing (emotionally) that we aren't really paying any attention to, it is easy to understand why we might use drugs/alcohol to unconsciously disconnect the bulb of our warning lights, to disconnect from real feelings and to instead try to create an alternate reality where we temporarily feel better. However, if this approach really worked, the changes would be longer lived, yet they are not because all we are doing is being distracted from the source of our suffering for a while in a way that is chemical and which over-rides our subtle senses so that from our point of perception the problems appear to go away.

                        Those with enough experience will know some of this already, yet it is helpful to think about how many opportunities we regularly miss for improving our wellbeing that will truly resolve our problems permanently, while we judgmentally rule out such possibilities as 'too hard', 'impossible' or other judgements that hold us away from real change and healing.

                        In truth, every belief which states that we cannot be changed deeply so that our problems truly end is it's own hindrance for us and can be just as dangerous as disconnecting a warning light in a car in favor of diagnosing and fixing the fault. So too can the use of drugs/alcohol and other addiction forming behaviors also be equivalent to disconnecting those pesky warning lights... But being aware that this is the case is an essential first step towards real and lasting balance.


                        Meeting real needs


                        We all have our own needs that we must meet in order to be healthy and balanced and it is for each of us to dive into who we are to find what they are for ourselves. Just realising that our own mind is heavily skewed towards self destructive thinking and beliefs about who we are and what is possible for us is itself a needed step towards success. Once this is understood fully we can draw our awareness more inward and look for the causes of and solutions to our problems in life inside of us, rather than 'out there' with 'things' and chemicals. It is true that we often need to make changes in our 'outer' life too in order to find balance, but without starting inside of us, the outer changes will be wide of the mark.

                        My whole hearted suggestion is to learn to start to value your own energy and essence more and view your body and all aspects of self as being sacred - meaning that they are of the absolute highest value. In doing this you might then start to use your conscious awareness to pay more attention to your own self/energy than you do to all the distractions 'out there' - many of which are only there to try to extract cash from your wallet. Once you change some key patterns to claim more of your own energy away from the things you have been giving it to and then redirect that energy towards increasing your own balance and awareness of self - you will have taken significant steps towards healing your heart, soul, mind, emotions, body, relationships and the Earth too!

                        Every avalanche begins with a single snowflake!

                        Wishing you well,
                        Ura Soul

                        • ura soul

                          FLUORIDE KILLS ! - Footage of fluoride damaging cells and stopping reproduction
                          Please share! Very rare video footage of cells being damaged by sodium fluoride. The fluoride added to drinking water is industrial waste fluoride and most is imported from China. Thankyou to user ArkDiscoverydotCOM-
                          • ura soul

                            I think Ireland has been heavily targeted for social engineering - hence the large 'interest' from the EU there, so it will require a particularly strong trigger to awaken people. Miles Johnston from 'The Bases Project' and Kerry Cassidey (And others) recently held the 'Ireland Awakens' Conference in Dublin, so there are still people getting involved, yes.

                            • kellytmusically

                              Thank you for sharing. We have some great warriors like Aisling fitzgibbon in ireland trying to wake folks up to this horrible chemical attack on Eire, but we just can't seem to wake folks up over here, they still love their fluoride it seems, still glad we tried